Everyday, we receive several hundred of e-mail from users all over the world.  In order to provide prompt responses to solving your problems, we have dedicated this feedback form to allow us to collect information that will assist us to solving your problem promptly.

 Thus, we only accept feedback on any of the following:-

  • Website Related problems (eg. broken links, page missing, problems viewing page, site access problems)
  • Account problems (eg. My Adviser, My FengShui account problems, login problems)
  • Report generations problems, Book download problems, Course access problems
  • Suggestion or improvement for the website
  • Payment problems, Credits problems, etc
  • Enquiry on services, Private and Confidential Assistance for any paid services 

We are unable to reply to any of the following:-

Advice on Feng Shui & related topics (eg Destiny, Career, Life, Romance, Wealth, etc)How to interpret reports, use the reports, calculation techniques, etcSeeking answers, info & clarifications about certain 'terms', 'theories', 'how to', 'where can I', 'how do I', 'where is my' type of questions on Feng Shui and related matters.

Will I get a reply for any of the above questions?

No. You will not get a reply.

Where can I get help?

 You are encouraged to post your question or queries to the My Adviser Forum.

Log-in as a Guest User and you can easily see that there over 3,500 messages posted to the forum to-date. The forum promotes learning and understanding of Feng Shui.

You can also easily type in a word to SEARCH for a similar reply in the forum. Chances are you can usually find what you are looking for.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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