Forum Etiquette

How to get your questions answered

Here are some guidelines to help you post questions that you will get a quick response from us.

  1. The users in this forum has grown quite huge. To-date there are more than 10,000 members in this forum and growing.
  2. As this is a heavily participated forum, please consider selecting digest mode under " Edit your Profile " setting in this forum to receive only ONE summarized digest instead of multiple e-mails. (If you had selected participation thru " Mailing List " instead of logging to the forum.)
  3. This forum is moderated and questions posted are not immediately posted to the forum. As I personally look at each message before posting it into the forum.
  4. Normally, I log in every day to the forum; and you should receive all verified messages everyday or if it is a weekend i.e. Saturday or Sunday; then it may get posted later (on Monday or a few days later), if your message is relevant to all members, it will be posted into the forum for all users to see. But some messages as mentioned under Para 7 - may not be answered at all as it asks to analyse their Date of Birth.
  5. What is more important is the frequency of answers. We always give top priority to answering all questions usually within one to three days unless it is a weekend or if the question needs more time to look into.
  6. However, some questions are either more difficult to reply to; I may `KIV'. Sometimes, due to the continous stream of messages sent into the forum, I may unfortunately missed replying to them. For this, I sincerely apologise for it. If so, your recourse is that you can remind me about it e.g. sent me a private email.
  7. Recently there are many questions where users simply give furnish their and/or their family member's date of birth and other information (Pre-analysied) and expect me to do all the homework for them. This is not the spirit for which this forum was started for.
  8. As much as we like to help users, we seek your understanding that; there are so many questions coming into the forum and we are unable to help those simply post e.g. their Date of Birth and expect in future logins to find their case done for them. Users can, if they want to, free to engage anyone to do the readings for them.
  9. Due to the huge number of requests for help or assistance (sympathy and other hardship cases) we will continue to see where possible we can help them. But, as mentioned, this is an international forum and there is unfortunately only 24 hours in a day. Thus, our help or aid (unfortunately) has to be selective or we would provide users support by giving them Free paid credits for various tools here.
  10. Thus, I strongly appeal to users here not to post questions relating to their "personal self" e.g. My Date of Birth is ....... tell me more about myself. Such questions only benefit that specific person and no one else as it is based on that particular person's DOB only.
  11. I am always very happy to answer questions or clarifications or queries that benefit everyone here. I also like to act a facilitators role or a `catalyst' in your personal quest to understand better - where possible all sides or key issues to or varying opinions. The end result is not to `spoonfeed' but rather, at the end of it, it is entirely up to each individual to form their own opinion after reading a message.
  12. And if you post a relevant question and if it promotes learning, you will be guaranteed of a lengthly and detailed answer to your question.
  13. With the `spirit' of promoting learning, I therefore seek everyone's co-operation and understanding on the above.

Warmest Regards,
Cecil Lee - Forum Adviser & Moderator
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research


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