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If you are seeking FREE Advice

If your query or question is for Free Feng Shui Advice; We seek your co-operation to RE-POST your question to our FREE ADVICE FORUM at URL:

As we have already DEDICATED a FREE Advice Forum on all matters relating to Feng Shui and Cecil Lee will continue to reply to any of your personal questions especially if these questions promote learning or understanding and are posted in the forum.

Will I get a reply for my Free Advice question which I have just sent? Sorry, NO. As stated above, all Free Feng Shui Advice will only be answered thru the forum and NOT via e-mail.

Providing Additional Support to Paid Users

However, if you are our PAID USER, you can expect a reply to your queries or questions even if it is regarding Feng Shui Advise; as a token of our appreciation for your support in helping us maintain the cost of running our website.

For PAID USERS, we will try to answer your queries within 1 to 3 working days or even earlier.

If you are, for example in United States; our time difference is GMT +0800 hours (Singapore Time).

Once Again, Thank you for contacting us.

Warmest Regards,
Cecil Lee & Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research


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