FAQ: Suitable Careers

Have you ever wondered, why I am not doing well in my career?

Maybe it is because the career is of an element which is unsuitable for me.

Well, just like many object, houses in the world, career is also governed by the concepts of Feng Shui's five element. Thus, each career also have a specific element which represents it.

So why should I know what the career element is?

If you understand your ups and downs from the pillars of destiny luck periods, you will know that in order to correct or effectively improve your element, you  must try to be in touch with certain element and to avoid certain unfavourable element.

Good news here is that career is one area which you are constantly in touch with, thus having a career which is favourable to you means a great deal for your success in life.

Of course, other factors includes your skill level, interest and commitment in life towards your job. Nothing comes without hardwork.

But knowing your favourable elements, will help you choose a job which is more suitable for your.

Jobs are often broken-down to different categories, career with wealth, career with authority etc.

Just as the title suggest, career with authority, will usually refer to jobs which brings you  power, like a politician.

So knowing this helps you probably choose a better career for yourself which helps you in Feng Shui point of view.

© Robert Lee
Sunday, 18 Mar, 2001


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