FAQ: House Number Analysis

This module is known as The Flying Star House Number Theory. This theory states that each flat or apartment located on a different floor of a building has an entirely different `House' Feng Shui!

This theory can ONLY be used for flats! It does not work for one or two story houses.

Thus the same flat/apartment e.g. #02-01 (second storey) compared to another unit at #03-02 has a different type of `luck'. This tool was designed to give you an insight and explanation using 81 unique interpretations reading for your unit. Check out your house number now!

If you are choosing a house, make use of this module to choose the best house number for your home, to get the best of the different level of luck!

Please note that priority of the analysis should first go to the Flying Star analysis of the house, before this house number luck analysis.

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© Robert Lee
Sunday, 18 Mar, 2001


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