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Eight Aspirations Report

This report is generated for: Samuel Richard

  • Gender: Male
  • Conversion of Date of Birth:
    • Solar Calendar: 12 Sep 1954 between 1.00 p.m. to 2.59 p.m.
    • Lunar Calendar: 1954, 8th month, 16 day, between 1.00 p.m. to 2.59 p.m.

Please check that the above details are correct before proceeding. Otherwise, please correct it before reading the analysis.

About Eight Aspirations

    It is also commonly known as the Eight Aspirations or Life Aspirations. Each direction is associated with an aspect of life. For example, south-west is the marriage & relationships location based on the static Bagua directions. You can activate each of the associations by establishing which rooms corresponds to which association.

    Please note that your Flying Star, Pillars of Destiny & Eight House will take priority over this directions. It is ranked last amongs the above.

Your Eight Aspirations Chart


Mentors & Coach



Children, Serenity & Joy

Family & Good

Marriage & Relationship

& Fame

Wealth & Prosperity

    Note: For the print out, the lines represented by the graphic in the center table is printed out.

Eight Aspirations Detailed Explanation

Direction Personal Business Meaning Activate this location
North-West Mentors & Coach Creativity, Strength & Vitality Planning & decision making Item symbolising metal. e.g. metal, chrome objects
North Career Prospects Flexibility to change Reflective Thinking & Creativity Items symbolising water or metal element. e.g. painting of water view, fountain
North-East Education Fast paced competition Good for competitive environment, steady progress in meeting targets Item symbolising earth or fire. e.g crystals, stones, quarz and bright lighting
West Children, Serenity, & Joy Accounting & Finance Good for reflective thoughts Item symbolising metal. e.g. metal, chrome objects
East Family & Good Health Growth New projects and good for startups Item symbolising wood or water. e.g. plants, wood paneling, green colour
South-West Marriage & Relationship Human Resource Health Care Teamwork Item symbolising earth or fire. e.g crystals, stones, quarz and bright lighting
South Recognition & Fame Sales Public relations, maketing and sales Item symbolising wood or fire. e.g plants, brightly lit location, wood items
South-East Wealth & Prosperity Communications, IT & Training Gentle growth and expansion Item symbolising wood or water. e.g. plants, wood paneling, green colour

    Note: You should refer to the Eight House Report as it at least takes into account your YEAR of birth, so is more accurate than this static Bagua analysis. However, we have to leave this report here as it is part of the basic Feng Shui theory.

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