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Free Finding a Good House

This report contains ONLY Limited Analysis. Therefore it will NOT contain any detailed explanation or analysis of information. It will NOT be as accurate as a Full report, as MANY AREAS have NOT been taken into consideration. Also, your pillars will be taken as weak for the analysis.

This report is generated for: Samuel's House

  • 20-Year Reigning Period: 5 (1944-1963)

  • Owner: Samuel Richard
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 12 Sep 1954

Analysis of 24 different Main Door Facing Direction:-

    Anlayses the Various Stars, Combinations, suitability with house & pillars.

    Limited Analysis provide for 4 sectors of analysis (North, South, East, West).

4   5
Generally this location is your Long Gone Prosperity (1) area. This means that you no longer enjoy prosperity in this square. This is an EXCELLENT house!
9   5
Generally this location is your Disputes, Quarrels, Conflicts (3) area. Avoid spending too much time here. This is a GOOD house!
6   5
Generally this location is your Very Auspicious (9) area. It is good to spent more time here. This is an UNSUITABLE house!
1   5
Generally this location is your Current Prosperity (7) area. This means that you will enjoy lots of prosperity. This is an UNSUITABLE house!

    If you can find a house in Excellent House, you should select this first. The order of priority goes to Excellent, Auspicious, then the best of the Auspicious but unsuitable house.

    NOTE: N = North, NE = North-East. Where from the centre of the house you look outwards in NE2 (45 degree). In this free report, North (352.5 - 7.4 degree), South (172.5 - 187.4), East (82.5 - 97.4) and West (262.5 - 277.4). This report is only for these four 45 degrees angle.

    The analysis takes into consideration the powerful Flying Star analysis of each 24 different main door direction, and then cross analyse the details with Pillars of Destiny, Eight House, Eight Characters Feng Shui.

The FULL report is available to Paid Finding a Good House Users.

General Warning

Please note that all limited analysis reports are limited in its analysis (meaning that it DOES NOT do a full analysis). It DOES provide the very basic chart details (such as Flying Star Chart, Pillars of Destiny Chart etc). This is because we are a Center for Applied Feng Shui Research so providing the basic calculation of the charts are for the benefit of ALL users. It leaves all further analysis, interpretation, use of this free report entirely on the user's own interpretation and understanding of the various reports.

We will provide 100% e-mail/forum support for further analysis queries for it's Paid reports as only the Paid report provides a complete and detailed analysis report. We will personally access your paid reports to gather information about you before providing you with recommendations on how to solve, improve, or whatever steps you need to take.

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